Attention sport shooters, hunters, retailers and gun club executives.

Please go to the link above to read about the September 12, 2020 march on Parliament Hill. Demonstrate your support of firearm rights in Canada and show your support for the CCFR’s legal challenge of the Order in Council ban of legal firearms.

We need to take a stand. The government and media have been ignoring our concerns as Covid-19 issues consume all the attention. It is our time to be noticed and counted.

There are over 2.4 million legal firearms owners in Canada. All civilian firearm ownership is at risk and they keep expanding the ban on our legally obtained firearms. Be seen and be heard. Organize a road trip with your friends.

Some key points to remember. The media is not our friend. They will be looking for video clips of people being obnoxious and unruly. We need to present the image of normal law-abiding people. Any false steps will tarnish all of us.

Please dress casually. Camo or tactical gear will get you on TV with the broadcasters saying how “Rambo” the shooters are. Similarly, signs that are rude or ignorant will not convince the average non-shooting Canadian that we are not the problem. We don’t need the Liberal media and anti-gunners portraying us as extremist.

We suggest some simple signs, such as: